West Australian Family Bushwalking Club

Getting Families Outdoors

Why join us?

Do you wish for your children to get out more instead on being cooped on devices? Do you want to do more family activities together? Will you regret not spending enough time with your children when they were young? Do you want to cherish the memory of time spent together as a family? Are you struggling to find activities for your kids? Do you want to go camping, hiking, bike riding, kayaking but not sure where to start? Are you a single parent family? Are you from recent migrant family?

The WAFBC is suitable for...

If your children is from birth to around 18 year old, the West Australian Family Bushwalking Club may be worthy of your consideration! The activities of the Club is organised by member-families. A family with an idea share with it other families and everyone benefits. The children remains within the family unit but we go on events collectively as a group, ie the Club.

Will my family fit in?

Children are surprisingly resilient and they can walk when the exploring interests them. We find that they behave better with their peers than if they just go with their mums and dads. Our little mountain goat walked 2hours/4km in the bush when she was just three. She has climbed Mt Toolburnup, elevation 1052m, which is widely reputed to the the hardest peak in the Stirling Range when she was only five years old.

Getting started.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, we may be able to help. The members of the WA Family Bushwalking Club is very friendly and we understand everyone has to start somewhere. But the best way to learn is to get involved and learn from each other. We have a equipment list page for members and we even schedule camping and hiking On-line webinar for members. At camps, we would occasionally run bushcraft seminars.

What we get up to...

Whilst Western Australia is our playground, we are choosy with our camping site. Many campgrounds are secluded and accessible only to groups like ours. Often the entire camp ground is taken up by the members of the Club. It is a cozy and reassuring feeling that our children can run around and we don't have to worry too much about strangers. Because we are a 'Family' club, we like to choose our camping site that has 'deluxe' flushing toilet and shower facility for mums.

Although the activities of the Club is primarily Camping and Hiking, anything the gets the children out of the house is fair game. In the past, we also have bike ride/mountain bike riding, canoeing/kayaking, reverse tobogganing, swimming in the ocean with the Whale Shark, farm stay, sand boarding and star-gazing. We are also planning to introduce more city-based activity to the Club in the coming years.

We are family like yours.

The families that makes up the Club is a diverse bunch. We have single-parent families and family of migrant background from all suburbs of Perth. We even have the odd grandfather and grandmother who is helping mum and dad with their little one. Everyone is welcome.  

We are properly governed.

The West Australian Family Bushwalking Club is incorporated in the State of Western Australia and the Club is governed by the Rules stipulated by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Including Consumer Protection) of the WA Government. We have volunteers that form the committee responsible for the administration of the Club. We are also affiliated with HikeWest, the peak body for bushwalking in WA. 

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